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  • Industrial

    Noreast manufactures a wide range of transformers for current, pulse, sensing, as well filters (RFI and EMI) for industrial control and electronic assemblies.
  • Energy

    Noreast is well-suited to manufacture in all areas of the energy market such as renewable energy and conventional energy using oil, gas and hydro-electric.
  • Defense / Aerospace

    Noreast Electronics is proud to be a tier 1 supplier to some of the top 10 defense contractors as well as aerospace industry leaders including General Dynamics, DRS, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell-Collins and Esterline...
  • Rail

    Noreast has extensive expertise with safety-critical components used in all aspects of the rail industry. From wayside safety components to Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation across Canada and the US.
  • Lighting and Safety

    Noreast custom transformers are found in infrastructure LED lights, runway, cockpit lighting and home heating systems and all have the same excellent MTBF design characteristics.
  • Instrument and Control

    We can manufacture instrument and measurement transformers from high voltages and isolate sensitive control circuits.