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Design To Market Engineering:

Quick prototype response is the norm and engineer-to-engineer cooperation is the bedrock of custom designs.  Innovative and committed engineering support has made Noreast a preferred choice for critical applications.  Noreast understands and is dedicated to designing cost effective magnetics, whether it be utilizing the latest materials or the most efficient winding methods that result in speed to market and low production cost.  Here is a summary of what we can do and improve now.

  • Wind using 6 to 50 AWG wire
  • Wind using 1 AWG Litz wire with Foil
  • Automated and skimming soldering and finishing baths
  • Epoxy encapsulation and dispensing
  • Automatic silk screen printing
  • On-site ferrite gapping and grinding
  • High speed Tape & Reel packaging
  • Footprint reduction design

    Optimized footprint and topology designs
    Noreast has vast experience with all types of magnetics for both machine and hand wound components on all types of bobbins. Furthermore, Noreast can mould it’s own headers and bobbins to meet specific customer requests.

    We can handle all manners of cores like toroids, pot cores (shielded and unshielded), ER, EFD, ETD, EQ, PQ, U, I, X, tape wound, composites, foil wound, air coils and planars.

    Footprint and Mounting style
    Surface mount, through hole, flying leads or utilizing terminals such as PCB mount, insulated strand, litz, hermetic, screw lug and cable connector.

    Typical application
    Noreast utilizes various suppliers of bobbins and headers and core configurations to provide a unique, simple approach to complex customer problems.

  • EMI/RFI (Toroid, EE and U Cores)
  • Aux Power transformers (PQ, RM, EFD, ETD, EFT, PO)
  • Drive transformers (Toroid, RM, EE ,EP)
  • Current transformers (Ferrite, Toroid)
  • Filter Chokes (Mpp, Iron Powder, Ferrite, PQ, EE, RM)
  • M1A1/M1A2, Vetronics
  • Bradley Striker, Vetronics
  • Bowman, Radios
  • IRIS, Radios
  • MK45, Missile Defense
  • AN/GRC-245 Radio
  • F-18/ Super Hornet,  Data
  • B-52 Bomb, Induction system
  • JLTV, Inverter
  • MRAP, Vetronics


As military men and women focus on the task at hand, Noreast is there to provide magnetic components for mission-critical devices. Noreast Electronics has been providing solutions for over 35 years to North America’s top Defense contractors for Air, Sea and Ground Solutions.

Mil-PRF-27 Grade 4, 5 and 6 designs, Noreast has provided magnetic components for critical programs in a consistent and reliable manner!