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Design to Market

As a custom part manufacturer, Noreast Electronics is well equipped to handle and create any electro-magnetic device you can dream up.  You can even rely on our vast experience in transformer technology to assist you in making your designs even better. This benefit also insures a reduced design to market timeframe.

Attention to Customer Needs

Custom designs require a collaborative approach between engineers. Our team takes the time to listen and carefully note every details required in your design.

Design for Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Having the highest quality components is not the only factor in achieving 100% quality. We believe that achieving quality perfection starts at the design stage. Noreast designs for reliability, manufacturability and repeatability. Ultimately, Noreast initial design suggestions will set the course for trouble free products that are extremely cost effective.

Rapid Cost Effective Prototyping

We thrive on rapid turnaround of prototypes and samples to keep projects on schedule while getting your product through proper testing. Our resourcefulness is key to finding solutions for the trickiest designs.