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Selection of material is critical in switch mode applications. High frequency power supplies are sensitive to switching noises and must be designed accordingly. As such, Noreast specializes in designing transformers meant for high frequency applications. For each section of a power supply like the fly-back, isolation and high frequency transformers, we possess a vast amount of experience and substantial knowledge of materials for building exactly what you need.


Power rating, working voltage, rated current and the environmental conditions will guide our design team to the best topology. Noreast manufactures small transformers up to 1kW and switch mode power transformers up to 20kW.

Agency Regulation Specialist

Industrial applications require strict conformance in terms of electrical data, efficiency standards, mechanical dimensions and environment compliance. Noreast takes great effort to follow all the requirements that must be met for approvals. Materials and transformer designs are optimized to speed up power supply agency approvals.


High frequency component constructions must be predictable and consistent. Good quality of materials and workmanship are critical from start to finish throughout the assembly process. All parts are built by competent and trained technicians to ensure that each transformer produced is identical to the one submitted for agency approval.

High Voltage / High Frequency

Noreast masters the use of insulated wire through its specially and uniquely formulated winding procedures. These insulation techniques allow us to create high power compact components.