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CGP logoThe Controlled Goods Program (CGP) was created in 2001 for organizations that need to examine, possess or transfer controlled goods in Canada.  A registered organization is regularly checked for compliance with the regulations in order to maintain its active CGP status.  The CGP is administered by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Go to the PWGSC website and search for us to verify the validity of our registration.  You may also go to this site to obtain more information about the controlled goods.



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The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of regulations for exporting and temporarily importing defense articles and services to and from the United States of America.  These regulations are governed by the Department of State and may be viewed in full by clicking here.   Our Cage code is 37364.


In order to help strengthen the Canada/U.S. agreement on defense trade controls, ITAR has officially recognized canadian organizations already registered in the Canadian CGP under the ITAR part 126 section 126.5 (Canadian exemption of the e-CFR)

Under these agreements Noreast Electronics is, by extension from its CGP registration, fully compliant with ITAR export regulations. We are therefore eligible and able to fabricate defense components for U.S. customers under a build to print agreement.


Proud Supplier for the American, Canadian, British and South Korean Military